Your Flesh Is A Poem


Tired of feeling disconnected from your body?
Would you love to befriend your body and get rid of shame? 

Are you craving wholeness? Looking for some tools and practices to help you reconnect & re-integrate align with your whole, wonderful soul & self; love yourself, & live rooted in wholeness?

Do you wish there was a space to think out loud, ask questions
process creatively, & embrace all of who you are without judgment?
To reimagine what it looks like to reclaim your body,
voice, life, & your power, on your own terms?

All in alignment with love, in alignment with faith,
in your own expression, as you are, wherever you find yourself on your own faith journey.

Your Flesh is A Poem is an Online Course:
A Guided & Creative Journey & Integrated Spirituality
of the Body Designed to:





Practical, creative, expressive & embodied. Engaging the senses, your heart & emotions, your body, your spirit, & your mind. Interwoven with some of my own personal art as well as other artists & my own journey, philosophy, & theology.

This 5-week online course is truly a creative, art-inspired journey,
including mini art assignments, art appreciation including poetry, literature, fine art, photography, sculpture & more.  Journaling prompts, group sharing in a small intimate setting, spiritual practices,
& embodiment practices to bring healing & wholeness & freedom, 
live fully alive, & love your very own body.

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This is what you shall do: Love the earth and sun and the animal … read these leaves in the open air every season of every year of your life, re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss whatever insults your own soul, and your very flesh shall be a great poem and have the richest fluency not only in its words but in the silent lines of its lips and face and between the lashes of your eyes and in every motion and joint of your body. –Walt Whitman


Combining art, my story, and the exact ways that I broke free of the suffocating corset of a religion that hurts and harms women, and how I set out on a spiritual journey, as a woman in this body and

  • reclaimed my voice, my body, and my power for myself
  • in partnership with the divine. on my own terms.

A faith that is simultaneously liberating and on the side of the oppressed, never the oppressor or the abusers of power. A faith that centers around a Jesus who empowered women. 


Learn why we must unravel & re-examine some of the concepts we’ve been trained to believe are true.

“‘The flesh’ and ‘the body’ in the New Testament are different concepts. The consequences of theconfusionhas been disastrous.”

It is precisely in our bodies that we are to live according to the spirit, rather than allowing ourselves, including our bodies to be dictated by what is opposed to our inmost being.

The invitation is to be liberated, to be reconciled to what is deepest in us instead of being held in bondage to what is false in us.” 

Let that beautiful reality sink into your bones.
Our bodies were never meant to be divorced from our hearts, our spirits, & our souls. We are so much more than disembodied spirits.

I believe the very incarnation of Jesus proves that.

You are a Poem. Your Flesh is a Poem.

Towards an integrated and embodied spirituality and faith practice & expression. Discover a well of inner wholeness that dwells within.

Your Flesh is A Poem is an Online Course:
A Guided & Creative Journey & Integrated Spirituality
of the Body Designed to:





Where we’ll meet & what you’ll need

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Join me in our virtual living room for five weeks, in a small, intimate private Facebook group where you’ll receive exclusive workshop content, live teaching videos, meditations, gentle yoga class, the full workbook, and access all your materials, conversations, and connect.

As long as you have a Facebook account and are able to view live videos and participate in our group, can take a few photos and share them, those are the only things you’ll need to access and engage in our journey together.

You’ll also want a few simple art materials, journal, notebook, or sketchbook, and writing utensils, markers, colored pencils, or watercolors or paint and brushes. Whatever mediums or art forms you prefer, making use of what you already have or be able to pick up a few basic supplies from Target.

When we’ll meet

Beginning on Monday, June 3rd at 10am (PST)
with your first Meditation:

  • Meditation Monday Mornings
    10 am (PST) 20 minutes
  • Tuesday evenings (PST) – Teaching Sessions 45-55 minutes about 6pm* TDB
  • Gentle Yoga Flow Fridays (PST) 20 minutes (mornings or midday) 

All live video will be recorded and available to you on our page, during & after each session, archived for your convenience.


What we’ll learn

Each week will include a 45-60 minute teaching session, a 15-20 minute meditation video or audio, a 20-minute gentle yoga class, an art assignment, art appreciation discussion, journaling, affirmations, conversation, & mentoring as we work through the following together:


  • Session One: Re-examine & Reclaim
    • Re-examine – Why we need to re-examine what we’ve been told & how to do so in a constructive way, and then what to do next.
    • Reclaim your power – it’s always been yours.
  • Session Two: Reconnect & Rediscover
    • Reconnect & Rediscover Life-Giving
    • Trust yourself & your intuition


  • Session Three: Delight in Your Senses
  • Session Four: Your Heart is Good
  • Session Five: Fluency of the Body

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What’s Included

  • 5-Weekly Live video teaching sessions, 45-60 minutes
  • 5 Meditations 10-15-minute video or audio.
  • 5 Gentle Yoga Classes, 20-minute, live video, online ($75 value)
  • A full-color printable workbook (or use PDF digitally)with:
    • journaling prompts
    • worksheets
    • calendar
    • affirmations & reflections
    • quotes
    • helpful resource lists & links
    • book lists for further review
  • Creative expression through art assignments, art appreciation and more
  • Embodiment practices & tools
  • Mentoring
  • Recommended Contemplative Spiritual Christian practices like the meditation focused Centering prayer & life-giving naming practice of Examen


  • Includes one x 1-on-1 Mentoring Session with Loriin person or online via FaceTime or Zoom. ($50 value)
    • Group Mentoring (from Lori)
    • Dialogue, conversation prompts, reflections, affirmations.
    • Space to process, think out loud and share your thoughts and feelings in an intimate group setting.


dear sophia cover art

  • Hand Curated Spotify Music Playlists to accompany you on your journey
  • “Dear Sophia” Song Lyric Art Print (an original song by LJQ) ($25 value) *not shown here
  • “Dear Sophia” MP3 Song Download
  • “Your Flesh is a Poem” typographic art print ($19)
  • Access to my Virtual Vision Board Workshop 7 Videos, Desire Meditation, & 17-page workbook (Valued at $49)
fancy pants2
Lori Joanne Quick
Integrated Soul Mentor, Yoga Teacher, & Auntie  

“She is quick and curious and strong.” 

Before committing to joining this creative endeavor, you may be interested in some of my credentials. I believe my story speaks volumes, and for some hard facts here are a few examples of my leadership experience & education. Feel free to scroll down below this list to continue reading my story.

  • Chaplain & Vice President, Small Groups Coordinator,
    Bel Canto Women’s Choir
  • Mentor & Small Group Leader, College, Young Adult, Youth, Camp Counselor, Women’s groups & larger co-ed gatherings
  • Worship Leader, Vocal Coordinator  & Vocal Coach
  • 225-hour certified Yoga Teacher
    have taught for 2 years, been a practitioner for 5 years.
  • Freedom Builder with Soulation,
    A Spiritual Abuse Support Group led by
    Dale & Jonalyn Fincher, 2016
  • Mentored by Morgan Day Cecil in her online community the Sophia Sisterhood & through her courses with Feminine Wholeness University & Romance & Adventure.
  • 1 Semester Grad School Completed with 4.0 (Towards an MA Min in Worship, studying Spiritual Formation & Henri Nouwen, World Religions, & various subjects relating to Worship in the church) 
  • B. A. Music, 2005 Azusa Pacific University
  • Undergraduate Senior Thesis in Global Studies entitled Christians Without Borders

Speaking truth to power, advocating against spiritual abuse, and helping you cultivate an integrated & embodied spirituality that is grounded and spacious, free of anything that is ill-fitting & free of shame. 

Think of me as your spiritual; no spiritual BS allowed, gentle, contemplative friend. Simply reaching back to help you rise up and begin to claim ownership and power over your own healing. To show you that this mountain can be climbed, this valley can be crossed, and where to look for water and nourishment along the way.

“There was a girl when only four,
got on a plane and went.
She flew to a land surrounded by sea
that would be her island home.”

little lori

Despite growing up as a wild and carefree little girl, with an adventurous childhood; somewhere along the road, she began to believe she wasn’t enough. Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not skinny enough, too many freckles, too fair. Too busty, too chubby, too curly. Too much and not enough. The lies and comparisons and a modesty complex and some version of purity sub-culture drowned out some of that carefree essence. Ill-equipped and feeling fragile, overwhelmed, and just plain tired.

It wasn’t until she found herself empty, void of her purpose as a result of spiritual abuse and sitting alone in her Chicago apartment that she began slowly cutting the ties off the corset and shame of being a woman. This journey began with books and video interviews & panels with the authors. Grateful that other women were naming some of the same things she had been questioning, gasping for air.


She finally listened to her body, pleading with herself to pay attention. Wake Up! Physical symptoms of spiritual, psychological, and emotional manipulation, gas lighting and spiritual abuse.

She had been conditioned not to listen to her heart, to be distrustful of her intuition and her body.  This was all wreaking havoc on her heart, her body, her soul, and her psyche. She was exhausted, panicked, alone, confused, suffocating.

Each phase and each step, shedding another layer, cutting off another tie of the corset until she could breathe again. 

Gasping for the air of freedom. Freedom to love her body and its’ curves, freedom to be her whole self, to use the gifts she had been given, not bury them in a coffin.  Freedom, in all her complexity and contradictions, with all her personality, enough and not at all too much.

Breathing again. Standing up for herself, taking her voice back and reclaiming her life for her own after spiritual abuse. Practicing spiritual sobriety and walking through her wilderness, only this time she wasn’t alone. She was guided by her inner guide. her intuition. She began to trust her heart, and her body, practicing self-compassion, non-judgment of emotions, and enjoy the deep breaths of freedom.

This is my story.


To put it all together, I had to break up with things that the church and religion taught but that Jesus had not. I had to choose to walk away, but this time, I wasn’t going alone, I never walked away from Jesus.

I share my story here with you because I know that at some point we all decide that the templates and scripts we’ve been given don’t work anymore. I want to hold space for you in your own journey, not to tell you what to do, but to allow you to think and process for yourself, in a brave, safe space, without fear of judgment.

I have found healing and wholeness by opening wide the doors, breathing in deep, shedding shame, and tasting what true freedom feels like. If you resonate with any parts of my story, please consider joining me for this guided journey. I’d love to open the doors wide for you, too.


These five sessions are the fruit of my own healing work, my own journey towards wholeness, and reclaiming my voice, my life, my body, and my power. All God-given. All in partnering with the divine. I tore down the tired walls, broke free of the corset that wasn’t designed for me, and embraced the spacious contemplative faith, the deep song that I’ve always sung. I want to share these tools, practices, and activities with you to help you experience wholeness and reclaim your own life, and walk alongside you and hold space for your own process.

Please reach out to me with your questions or hesitancy. There is room for you here. 

If you have a financial concern, I’m also offering a sliding scale to help make this accessible. I know how important this is, and I want it to be available to you even if money is a pain point.  So many incredible tools were offered to me along my own journey and made accessible, that it is important to extend that to you as well. I do ask that you recognize how much time I’ve poured into this and take that into consideration as you evaluate what you’re able to pay, and your willingness to do the work, participate, and engage. Email me with the email button at the bottom of this page and I’ll send you that link.

What this is worth

  • This course is valued at $250, and available to you today for $99, with a sliding scale available for those who need it* (contact me for details)
  • Includes one x one-hour mentoring session with me, valued at $50
  • Yoga classes valued at $15 per class (total of $75)
  • A wealth of resources, creative assignments and creative self-expression, journaling workbook, teaching, study, and so much more
  • Space to dialogue, process, think aloud, and feel, with other women on this journey



Your Flesh is A Poem
Frequently Asked Questions

When? Our first session begins on Monday, June 3rd, 2019 – goes through Friday July 6th, 2019.

Where do we meet? ONLINE! Check out today and you will be added to the private Facebook group where you’ll have access to the materials, discussions, and videos.

Who is this for? Women from Christian backgrounds seeking wholeness and a deeper, embodied, integrated soul that honors their bodies and hearts without sacrificing their faith. Connect with the feminine heart of God, heal the rift between our bodies, hearts, minds, & souls while unraveling centuries of conditioning and reclaiming their bodies, power, and voice.

This material is based on my own experience, research, & my own journey as a woman of unconventional faith. Your questions are welcome.

How much does this cost? Valued at $250, Early Registration is only $99 when you sign up today:  that’s a 60% discount. At 5-weeks, that’s a value of $50 per week.


sliding scale is also available based on need,
I want this to be accessible to everyone who finds themselves here. You’ll know if you need to be here.  If that is you, please just let me know right away by emailing me, see address below.

If you’re interested in paying it forward for someone in need, feel free to email me to help offset the costs, or leave a donation right here in my Square Shop:


Did I miss any important questions? Email and I”ll get right back to you.